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We are proven leader in GPS  Fleet Management products and services, operating over 100 cities, providing great tracking experience to our clients


Be aware of your vehicles with the help of our tracking products


Keep an eye over your loved one for their safety and prevention


We offer best fleet management system with 100% accuracy


To maintain the competency of your company you need to have a strong tool that can give tight competition to your rivals. GPS based Vehicle Tracking Devices are one of the integral parts of every business these days which helps to keep a constant eye on your moving asset. Vehicle theft is prime concern for every Vehicle owner. Is there any solution you can prevent this risk for your vehicle? Vehicle Tracking Device fulfills this requirement. Being a real time GPS Tracker, these devices tracks every single move of your vehicle which you can observe from any corner of globe.

For Fleet Management

Get all information regarding fleet management tracking on your fingertips

For Enterprise

Get all information of your enterprise with enterprise tracking on your fingertips

For Personal Use

Get all information for your personal vehicle tracking and more on your fingertips

For Schools

Get all information regarding school bus tracking events at your fingertips.


  • 24x7 Realtime Live Tracking From Website/Mobile Platform
  • 1 Year Free Software Subscription . Renewal Charges Only Rs 300 Per Year (After 2 years )
  • Free Installation Support All Over India
  • Engine Cutoff Feature When Your Vehicle Gets Stolen
  • Fuel Mileage/Consumption Reports Along The Route
  • SOS Emergency Button In Case Of Any Emergency
  • Anti theft alarm to protect your vehicle from getting stolen
  • Get alert/alarm when vehicle is crashed or towed away
  • Voice Surveillance With Inbuilt Mic For 2Way Calling
  • Receive alerts about different events: speeding, stop-overs, maintenance etc
  • Get alert/alarm when vehicle enters or exits marked boundaries (Geo fencing)
  • Get detailed reports: driving hours, stopovers, distance traveled etc
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